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21Renovations Offers High -Quality Home & Apartment
general contracting Services.

Customer Care Program

We understand renovation projects can take over your life in a hurry, so we designed a customer care program that allows us to make the renovation as convenient as possible for you.  We will plan and supervise your project from beginning to end. 

Our customer care and business model allow you to continue living your life, while we at 21 Renovations oversee every aspect of your renovation, from introduction meeting all the way to post-job cleanup. Our customer care program follows a six step process. It does not matter if we are doing a small project or a complete down to the stud renovation, every project will follow this system. This innovative renovation customer care system includes a detailed project outline, regular customer progress updates, progressive invoicing payment system, and other features that make the entire renovation process as fast and convenient as possible for you, while still guaranteeing a beautiful, functional end result. To further ensure that all work proceeds according to plan, each 21Renovations project will be assigned a team of professionals, this will include a project manager, a designer, office coordinator and a site foreman. To achieve fast and effective renovation process, we use only top-notch craftsmanship, superior products and best practices.

Initial Consultation
We will have a meeting at the proposal Jobsite to discuss your goals and dreams for the renovation and survey the property so we can generate some design ideas.

Follow up Consultation and concept presentation
We will meet again at the Jobsite to show our initial proposed design.  We will make a major adjustment and prepare for the next meeting.

Launch Meeting
With your approval of a general design, we’ll have a meeting at the Jobsite.  With our designer, project manager and kitchen cabinetry rep (if needed) to help us design and plan.

Product Selection
Go shopping with our designer. Our experienced and knowledge designer will help you select the best product while getting you trade discounts. We will look for at all of your design materials, for example: tiles, appliances, cabinetry, lighting flooring, paint and countertops etc. Once you’ve selected and approved the materials, we will arrange the orders and schedule deliveries.

The Work Begins
Once we have the approved final design and materials selected, and all necessary building approvals and city permits are in place, we start our renovation work. Once the design material is delivered, our team will give you a schedule and keep you up to date on the progress with weekly reports.

Completion and Clean up
A thorough final inspection of the renovation and professional cleanup means that you’re home is ready to use!