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Sasha is great to communicate with – friendly and always keeping us up to date with the progress. He offers valuable and professional recommendations. His work is very attentive to details. Workmanship is clean, exact, and well thought through. He would take extra steps in concealing things that should be hidden to create an impeccable look. We loved the work he did. It’s evident he put his best work in achieving our vision. We did a good share of research in term of pricing, and 21 Renovations offered the most reasonable and fair pricing. We highly recommend 21 Renovations.

Burrard street​


Anne J.​

I spent weeks trying to find the right contractor for my strata kitchen renovation so felt relieved and very lucky to find 21 Renovations. My renovation was considered to be a ‘smaller’ job but the co-owner, Sasha, assured me that all clients and jobs are given equal attention. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was true. Communication was clear and consistent. The skilled tradespeople were on time, worked hard, and most importantly, performed quality work. I do believe that this is one of those rare companies that really takes pride in their work and gains a great deal of satisfaction from having happy clients. I’m thrilled with my sparkling new kitchen, which has really transformed and expanded my living space - all this for a very competitive price. Thank-you Sasha and Dejan and all the guys.

Andrew S.​

We used 21 Renovations to install a fireplace and entertainment center in our living room. From our first meeting with Sasha, through to the final cleanup, we were constantly impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail by all trades that came into our home. The designer worked closely with us and enhanced our vision for what we wanted to see in our home, and the execution of the installation exceeded our expectations. Sasha was always pushing to find ways to make the unit look better, more refined and streamlined when if came to hiding wires and electronics and the attention to these details came out in the finished product. The team worked hard to complete the project on the timeline agreed upon and came in on budget. We are absolutely thrilled with our new living room. We can't recommend 21 Renovations enough and they would be our first choice for another project.


We hired Sasha and his team to do a complete overhaul of our house including kitchen and 3 bathrooms. Sasha was very professional and was always available to answer questions and concerns we had. They were in the house everyday in the morning and they were done in the time which we agreed upon in the beginning. Sasha was also very patient to our demands and last minute changes and additions. Lastly we asked around 4 other contractors before we met Sasha and he was the only one who had exact price and time for this project. would definitely use him again and recommend to everyone.


I wanted a new kitchen built and found Sasha online...always a risk when you don't know someone. He came when he said, charged what he said, and was very helpful with innovative suggestions. I ended up with an excellent Kitchen and was very happy with the results. As a foremer boat builder with my own business, I believe I am able to recognise skilled work delivered in a professional manner.


Last spring I decided to embark on a renovation of my condo's kitchen and bathroom. Having never undergone am undertaking like this before, I had no idea what to expect.With Sasha's expertise with ikea kitchens, he was able to shop with me, advise what I should buy, and put together the most incredible kitchen.I did my main bathroom renovation at the same time, and he was able to create a beautiful space. He workmanship is second to none, his price and time quotes were very reasonable, and the quote I was given was the price I paid. No hidden surprises at the end of the reno's. He finished ahead of schedule, and I am left with a space which I will continue to enjoy for years to come.


Impressed doesn’t even begin to describe my experience with Sasha and his team at 21 Renovations. I wasn’t even sure where to begin when I started this entire process; this was my first home and my first time undertaking any kind of renovations. I did my due diligence my interviewing several contractors; some were from high priced firms that were simply interested in taking my money, while others simply worked alone and I was worried that there would be no accountability should something go wrong. I had a limited budget and a wish list of projects; luckily I stumbled on Sasha through a Decorator I had hired for a consultation. From the moment I met Sasha, he was punctual and professional. We discussed my list of projects, and he had me discuss in length the look, feel, and priority of each project I was wanting. As an added bonus, he was also kind enough to give me advice & options on how to cut costs. That same night he sent me references, his insurance information, before & after pictures of previous jobs he had done and an outline and timeline of the work I wanted done. Sasha and his team, worked extremely hard and efficiently each and every day. They arrived on time and stayed until the project for that day was complete. Several times he even stopped by in the evenings to ensure the work was progressing properly, (plaster setting etc…) as he did not want to hinder his next day’s work. I am thrilled with the results. And have already recommended 21 Renovations to several people. He truly took the “fear” out of the entire contractor/ renovation experience, both the experience and the work he and his team did was nothing short of exceptional.


My most recent renovation with Sasha took place on time and on budget. I very much appreciate that he understood and coordinated what needed to be done, by whom and when. He also provided creative excting solutions to customize the interior. I would not hesitate in recommending Sasha.


We hired Sasha to work on two projects -- a kitchen re-model and a reno on our daughter's bedroom in a semi-finished attic. With each project Sasha was on time, on budget, honest, respectful, and delivered fantastic end results. We wouldn't hesitate to hire him for future projects.


I have used Sasha's services on more than one occasion for kitchen installations and he has always done a great job! He is veryprofessional and gives me the peace of mind to know that it will be a great job at the end. I would definitely recommend him.


Sasha is an exceptional contractor who works diligently to bring your dream project to life. The first moment you meet him, you know you're working with a true professional dedicated to nothing else but absolute customer satisfaction. His complete renovation work for me involved everything from start to finish; estimation, detailed scope of work, research to make sure he offered us multiple options for cost efficiency, and the job itself. His insider tips and knowledge of the industry makes him stand out in an otherwise polluted and arguably not-so-honest industry. He is the reason we started believing in having our dream home come true.