21Renovations | 10 Questions to Ask Any Prospective Contractor
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10 Questions to Ask Any Prospective Contractor

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Renovating your home is a huge decision and has a lot of moving parts. A great contractor will help you understand the entire process, work within your budget, finish on time, and leave you with a beautiful renovation. So without further ado here are 10 important questions to ask your potential contractor.

 1.What’s the timeline for this project? It’s very important to have an established timeline for your project and ask what the contractors working hours will be. You may also want to ask if they stayed within established timelines with their last few projects.

2.Who will be here and in charge every day? You may be spending anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months working with your contractors. It’s very important to meet the person in charge and establish a good relationship; they will be the ones you are checking in with and asking questions throughout the project.


3.Is there anything about this project that concerns you? Most likely if there’s going to be issues with your project the contractor has already spotted them. Unfortunately, many contractors won’t voice their concerns for fear of losing business; but if asked they will often voice any issues they see that could save you thousands in change orders later in your project.


4.How do I reach you after hours in case of an emergency? Maybe your laying in bed and your pipes start to leak or your power goes out and you need to get a hold of your contractor at 2 am. You should have an effective way emergency plan in case these things arrive and a means to get a hold of your contractor.


5.What is the process you follow for each of your projects? This is a good indicator of if you’re dealing with a professional contractor or an amateur. Professionals will have a set process to onboard new clients making sure everything is transparent and clearly, explain each step in the renovation process.


6.Can you provide me with references and before and afters of your previous customers? A good contracting company will have a large collection of satisfied clients you can request to speak with and get some insight into how they will treat your home and project.


7.Can I see an itemized quote? Contractors should be transparent with exactly what makes up your quote. If you have one contractor that comes in considerably higher than the others make sure to ask why there’s such a big difference. They may have spotted something the other contractors missed.


8.Do you offer any guarantees or warranties? Many contractors offer satisfaction guarantees and warranties that cover you for anywhere from 3 months to a year on their work. Offering free repairs if anything goes wrong after the fact.


9.What are your payment terms? It’s important to know how and when you will be paying your contractor. It’s common practice in Canada to pay a 10% deposit, 25-50% upfront at the beginning of the project and release the rest at the end of the project (or in stages for large projects). If a contractor asking is for 100% up front it’s a big red flag. It usually means they have poor financial management and may have issues with your renovation project.


10.How do you protect my home while you work? This is a great question to ask in the beginning of your project. If they are only renovating part of your home it’s important to know how they intend on protecting the other parts of your home they won’t be working on. They should be putting up plastic and protecting your floors from their work boots throughout your house.

 Also, it goes without saying. You should always do research on any potential contractors and read as many reviews as possible before making your choice.


If you have any questions or are interested in having us quote a project for you just click the green button below and fill out our quick and easy form.



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